Spring 2022 EVENTS and MEETINGS

Until further notice, all Events and meetings will be held virtually unless the Dean’s Office has approved for the event or meeting to be held in person on campus.

Space assignments for most events receive email confirmation within approximately three business days. Special Event assignments receive email confirmation within approximately fourteen business days. For any questions regarding scheduling and space reservations please contact lawscheduling@georgetown.edu.

Meeting Space Requests

Spaces that accommodate routine meetings in a lecture hall, classroom, or conference room. We are currently not accepting any submissions for space requests until further notice.

Special Events Requests

Spaces that accommodate large-scale gatherings of internal and external Georgetown Law guests. We are currently accepting virtual event submissions only.

Table Requests

Spaces where departments and student organizations can actively engage with the Law Center community. We are currently not accepting table requests until further notice.

Rescheduled and Review Classes

Used by faculty and staff to schedule a make-up class or review session.

Frequently Asked Questions

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