How do we follow up on our event’s A/V and Facility resource requests?
Respond to your confirmation email in order to find out updates regarding you’re A/V and Facility requests. Office of Scheduling liaisons with those departments and will be able to provide you the up-to-date answers you seek. Please ensure that you have provided a diagram with every Special Event room request.

How do we change the date/time/name of our event?
Respond to your confirmation email and Office of Scheduling will provide you with assistance in updating your reservation.

What do I do if I need to cancel my event?
Make sure you respond to your confirmation email in order to have the changes reflected to your reservation.

What happens if my student organization does not meet with OSL within a week of receiving our Pending Room Confirmation email?
Office of Scheduling reserves the right to release the room hold to the next group that requests the space. That is why it is important that you at least make an appointment you can keep with OSL in order to receive official room confirmation for your event. That let’s our office know that you are serious about hosting your event.

What happens if my student organization does not submit their A/V and Facility resource request two weeks prior to our event?
Your organization risks not receiving any assistance from these departments since they require advanced notice in order to properly setup/tear down events.

Are we able to change our A/V and Facility request after the two week submission deadline?
Yes, you have until three business days prior to your event to edit your resource requests. Any requests after that three business day deadline passes we cannot guarantee can be honored. Please ensure that your diagram reflects your updated changes.