Georgetown Law LL.M. students

About Georgetown Law LL.M. Students

Georgetown Law has over 600 full-time and 100 part-time LL.M. students. Nearly half of the full-time and the majority of the part-time students earned their J.D. degrees in the United States.

All of our LL.M. students possess a law degree in the U.S. or abroad, and many of our students have previous legal experience in private law firms, corporations, government ministries and agencies, international and non-governmental organizations, as well as in accounting and consulting firms. Most students are admitted to the bar in at least one jurisdiction.

Their advanced legal education, specialized knowledge base, and practical legal experience give our students the competitive edge necessary to succeed in legal practice. We hope that you will consider these highly qualified lawyers for full-time or extern positions in your organization or firm.

About the Georgetown Law LL.M. Program

The Georgetown philosophy is that each of the specialization fields for LL.M. degrees and certificates grows out of a center of excellence at Georgetown. Most focus on areas of law in which Georgetown is ranked in the top 10 law schools in the nation.

Recruiting Georgetown Law LL.M. Students

Recruitment Programs and On-Campus Interviewing


International Student Interview Program (ISIP):  Held in New York at the end of January each year in conjunction with New York University School of Law and 31 other law schools in the U.S. ISIP is for foreign-trained LL.M. students only, from all programs of LL.M. study. It is completely pre-screened by employers.

Taxation Interview Program (TIP): Held in Washington, D.C. in February each year in conjunction with New York University School of Law. TIP is for U.S.-trained and foreign-trained LL.M. in Taxation students, with some employers focused on employee benefits, estate planning, or international taxation.  It is completely pre-screened by employers.


We can arrange these if you wish to interview LL.M. students on-campus to meet your hiring needs. In the past we have organized on-campus interviews for several government agencies, accounting firms and private law firms. Please contact Office of Graduate Careers via e-mail to set up an on-campus interview.


These are available if you wish to interviews any of our LL.M. students from outside Washington, D.C., so if you are interested in scheduling a videoconference, please contact Office of Graduate Careers via e-mail.


Resume Collections

We can organize these to suit your hiring needs at any time. Simply contact Office of Graduate Careers via e-mail with details of the position you wish to fill and we will contact students, collect their responses and forward their materials to you. Resume collections are completely pre-screened by the employer, so that you can select whom you wish to interview.


We also operate annual Spring Resume Collections for the distribution of our current LL.M. students’ resumes to employers throughout the United States and around the world; anyone interested in receiving the resume packets generated by these Spring Resume Collections is welcome to submit a preferred e-mail address to us via e-mail.


Georgetown Law’s LL.M. Academic Externship Program brings public and private sector organizations together with students in our advanced degree programs. LL.M. students earn academic credit by working for employers such as government agencies, law firms, accounting firms, international organizations, and corporations.

Externships enable students to integrate theory and doctrine from the classroom with real world experience, leading to a deeper understanding of the law in action. To learn more about hosting an LL.M. extern, please see our LL.M. Externship Brochure.

Job Postings

Job announcements may be posted through Symplicity, our Career Services Management System, which is accessible by current J.D. and LL.M. students, as well as alumni, and is regularly updated. Symplicity allows you to receive and manage resumes and other application materials, free of charge.

Your posting will become available to our students and alumni once we have approved the listing. You will receive a confirmation email once your listing has been approved. Please note: we do not accept postings from third parties, including search firms, or blind listings. 

We are also happy to include job postings in our Graduate Connections newsletter, sent out weekly on Tuesday mornings to current LL.M. students. Please contact us via e-mail and reference Graduate Connections if you would like your posting to be listed in our newsletter.

About Office of Graduate Careers

Office of Graduate Careers is a group of experienced attorneys that provides professional development and career advising services to Georgetown Law's U.S. and foreign-trained graduate (LL.M. and S.J.D.) students to make them more marketable to employers. Office of Graduate Careers also works with individual employers to create recruitment arrangements tailored to their needs and preferences.