Spring 2016 Curriculum

Tuesdays 3:30-5:30pm in Hotung Faculty Dining Room (Room 2001)

This workshop introduces students to current research in tax policy and gives them an opportunity to develop skills in reading and critiquing contemporary legal and economic scholarship. Each week, the workshop hosts a tax scholar, public finance economist, or other expert presenting a working paper on issues of tax law, public finance, and related fields.  This year, Professors Brooks and Grinberg are co-convening the workshop.

The workshop is open to the public, and we encourage members of the D.C. tax community to attend and participate in our discussions. The workshop is held at the Georgetown University Law Center, near Capitol Hill, at 600 New Jersey Ave. NW. It meets in the Faculty Dining Room (Room 2001) of the Hotung Building. 



February 2
Alan Viard
American Enterprise Institute
Fundamental Tax Reform: A Comparison of Three Options

February 9
Jim Hines
University of Michigan Law School
High Tax Heresy

February 11*
Mike Williams
Director, Business and International Tax, HM Treasury, United Kingdom
UK Consultation on Tax Deductibility of Corporate Interest Expense

*  This session will meet in Hotung 1000 from 3:30pm-5:30pm on Thursday, February 11.  

February 23
David Gamage
UC Berkley School of Law
Tax Cannibalization and Fiscal Federalism in the United States

March 1
Omri Marian
UC Irvine School of Law
The State Administration of International Tax Avoidance

March 15
David Kamin
New York University School of Law
Getting Americans to Save: The Under-Appreciated Potential and Misunderstood Failings of Tax Incentives

March 22
Shu-Yi Oei
Tulane University School of Law
The Tax Lives of Uber Drivers: Evidence from Internet Discussion Forums

March 29
Lily Faulhaber
Georgetown University Law Center
The Long Reach of European Union Law: Patent Boxes and the Limits of International Cooperation

April 5
Len Burman
Director, Urban-Brookings Tax Policy Center
An Analysis of Ted Cruz's Tax Plan
An Analysis of Senator Bernie Sanders's Tax Proposals

April 12
Steve Shay
Harvard Law School
Essay on R&D Tax Incentives--Growth Panacea or Budget Trojan Horse?

April 19
Jacob Goldin
U.S. Treasury Dept., Office of Tax Policy
Beyond Head of Household: Rethinking the Taxation of Single Parents

April 26
Larry Zelenak
Duke University School of Law
The Tax-Free Basis Step-Up at Death, the Charitable Deduction of Unrealized Appreciation, and the Persistence of Error

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