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Professor of Law

Lilian Faulhaber

A.B., Harvard; J.D., Harvard; M.Phil., Cambridge University

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Areas of Expertise:

International Law, Taxation

James M. Morita Professor of Asian Legal Studies; Associate Dean for Graduate and International Programs; Co-Director, Georgetown Law Asia

James V. Feinerman

B.A., Yale; M.A., Yale; M.Phil., Yale; Ph.D., Yale; J.D., Harvard

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Professor of Law; Co-Director, Joint Degree in Law and Philosophy

Heidi Li Feldman

A.B., Brown; J.D., University of Michigan; Ph.D., University of Michigan

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Areas of Expertise:

Jurisprudence and Philosophy, Torts

Associate Professor of Law

Anne Fleming

B.A., Yale; J.D., Harvard; Ph.D., University of Pennsylvania

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Professor of Law; Professor of Public Policy

Sheila Foster

B.A., University of Michigan Ann Arbor; J.D., University of California Berkeley

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Professor of Law; Director, Institute for Public Representation Civil Rights Law Clinic

Aderson B. Francois

B.A., New York University; J.D., New York University

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