Blume Public Interest Scholars Program

“The Blume Scholarship Program, founded as the Public Interest Law Scholars Program in 1988, is an integral part of the Law Center’s public interest community and has helped launch the public interest legal careers of hundreds of Georgetown Law graduates. The name change in 2018 recognizes a $10 million naming gift from the 1980 law alumnus Bruce Blume and his wife, Ann. 

The Blume Program offers full tuition scholarships to a select group of students each year. Blume Scholars also receive a faculty advisor and public interest attorney mentor and are offered a variety of community-building opportunities, including enrollment into Georgetown’s Public Interest Fellows (PIF) program. Starting in 2021, first year Blume Scholars will also be part of a shared academic experience through which they will learn alongside preeminent public interest leaders to harness their legal education to make meaningful change in the world.

Application and Selection

There is no general Blume Scholars application. Rather, admitted applicants with extensive public service experience and a demonstrated commitment to pursuing a public interest legal career will be invited to submit a brief application detailing their interest in becoming a Blume Scholar. The Selection Committee will review the applications and choose a number of semi-finalists to be interviewed via video by the Director and members of the legal community (e.g., professors, judges, public interest leaders). Final selections will be made in mid March through early April.


Blume Scholar offerees will have until April 12 to accept the scholarship. Extensions will not be given, but those who wish to remain in consideration will be placed at the top of the waitlist and reconsidered should openings arise. Questions? Please email, and someone will respond within 48 hours.