Brief Bio

Yoav Dotan is a professor at the Law faculty of Hebrew University of Jerusalem his fields of interest include; Public Law, Administrative Law, Constitutional Law, Judicial Behavior, Law and Politics, The Study of the Legal Profession, Government Lawyers, Privatization.


Faculty of Law, Hebrew University: Lecturer in Law 1995; Senior Lecturer 2000; Associate Professor 2004; Full Professor 2008

Visiting Positions:

Visiting Professor, Columbia Law School 2002-2003; Visiting Professor, Fordham Law School,2003-2004; Visiting Professor University of Miami Law School (Fall 2008);


Lawyering for the Rule of Law:  Government Lawyers and the Rise of Judicial Power in Israel (Cambridge Un. Press, 2014)

The Boundaries of Social  Transformation through Litigation: Women’s and LGBT Rights in Israel, 1970-2010  (Isr. L. Rev. 2014)

The Different Effect of Cognitive Bias on Different  Decision Types – An Experimental Study on Government Procurement, 45 Mishpatim (HU Law Rev.) (2014) (with Omer Dekel)

Solving the Counter-majoritarian  Difficulty? 11 I-CON: International Journal of Constitutional Law (2013  with Or Bassok)

Non Delegation and the Revised Principle of Legality, 42 Mishpatim 379-447 (2012)

Making Consistency Consistent, 57(4) Administrative Law  Review (2005)

Legal Defeats – Political Wins: Why Do Elected  Representative Go to Court? 38 (1) Comparative Political Studies 75-103  (2005) (with Menachem Hofnung)

The Spillover Effect of Bills of Rights: A Comparative Assessment of the Impact of Bills of Rights on  Courts in Canada and Israel, American Journal of Comparative Law 293-342  (2005)

Campaign Finance Reform and the Social Inequality Paradox, 37 (4) Michigan Journal of  Law Reform 955-1015 (2004)

Judicial Rhetoric, Government Lawyers and Human  Rights: The Case of the Israeli High Court of Justice during the Intifada,  33 (2) Law and Society Review (1999) 319-364

Do the ‘Haves’ Still Come  Out Ahead? Resource Inequalities in Ideological Courts: The Case of the Israeli  High Court of Justice, 33(4) Law and Society Review (1999) 401-425

Why  Administrators Should Be Bound by Their Policies, 17 Oxford Journal of Legal  Studies (1997) 23-41; Should Prosecutorial Discretion Enjoy Special  Treatment in Judicial Review: A Comparative Analysis of the Law in England and  in Israel, [1997] Public Law 513-531

Courses taught at CTLS

  • Comparative Judicial Review (Fall 2015)