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Executive Director, Office of Academic Affairs, Georgetown Law; Adjunct Professor of Law

Emily Wack

B.A., Arizona State University; J.D., Harvard

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Professor Emeritus and Adjunct Professor; Chairman, International Law Institute

Don Wallace, Jr.

B.A., Yale; L.L.B., Harvard

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Partner, Nixon Peabody LLP; Adjunct Professor of Law

Stephen J. Wallace

B.A., Fordham; J.D., Hofstra University

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Counsel, Federal Deposit Insurance Corporation; Adjunct Professor of Law

Kelly N. Walsh

B.A., Eastern Michigan University; M.B.A., University of Toledo; J.D., University of Toledo

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CEO, Fastcase; Adjunct Professor of Law

Edward J. Walters

A.B., Georgetown; J.D., University of Chicago

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Legal Director, Mid-Atlantic Innocence Project; Adjunct Professor of Law

Frances Walters

B.S., Princeton; M.A., University of Cape Town; J.D., University of Michigan

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Assistant Deputy Attorney General, Public Safety Division, Office of the Attorney General, D.C; Adjunct Professor of Law

Alicia D. Washington

B.A., Norfolk State University; J.D., Syracuse University College of Law

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Attorney-Adviser, Office of the Legal Adviser, U.S. Department of State; Adjunct Professor of Law

Jeremy Weinberg

B.A., Yale; M.Sc., London School of Economics and Political Science; J.D., University of Virginia

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Senior Counsel, Bredhoff & Kaiser PLLC; Adjunct Professor of Law

Robert M. Weinberg

B.A., University of Michigan; J.D., University of Michigan

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Senior Counsel, Arnold & Porter LLP; Adjunct Professor of Law

Robert N. Weiner

A.B., Princeton; J.D., Yale

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