Finding a meaningful career begins with thinking about what you find meaningful. Without taking this initial step, you risk giving up control of your career to the whims of the legal market and the opinions of your friends and family. Take ownership of your career by thinking about your values and interests today. In doing so, you’ve begun to chart tomorrow’s path.

These exercises will also lead to stronger resumes, cover letters, and interview answers by helping you form your narrative.

Start with the assessments below. Then check out our practice settings and practice area pages to find career paths that fit your skills and interests.

What makes you tick?

Career Motivators

Something in your life has drawn you to law school; what is it? Start thinking about the motivators that will be the foundation of what you will do with your law degree.

Using Your Strengths

After using these pages to identify your strengths, use this exercise to practice communicating ways in which your strengths have helped you succeed. Doing so will help you recognize where you thrive and will help you describe those areas to others.

Lawyering Skills Inventory

These 26 skills are crucial to a lawyer's effectiveness. Identify and communicate those you already possess and those you'd like to develop during your time in law school. Then, take a moment to appreciate the relationship between these skills and your Strengths.