Legal practice settings vary widely in terms of the work you can do, the hours you’ll work, your relationship with your clients, and more. Start exploring some of these differences here.

Private Sector

Lawyers work in a wide variety of private sector settings, including large law firms with many practice areas, small boutique firms with one specialty, and in-house legal departments.

Public Interest

Public interest law generally refers to law-related work performed on behalf of individuals, organizations, or causes that would otherwise lack effective representation within the legal system.


Tens of thousands of attorneys work in government entities from federal agencies to state attorney general's offices to city attorney's offices and municipal courts, and many more.


Judicial Clerkships and Internships are wonderful experiences for all recent law graduates and current students, as they provide an opportunity for individuals to put their legal education into practical use.


There are many career alternatives for the attorney who does not want to enter into a traditional practice.