After exploring your interests and motivators through self-assessment, learn how they’ll translate to a meaningful legal career here. The pages below detail practice settings in the public and private sectors, popular practice areas, and the major legal markets.

Practice Settings

Where do lawyers work? Discover the diverse types of employers that you may work for as a student or attorney.

Practice Areas

Lawyers focus on an incredibly broad range of topics in their practice. Discover many of the more common practice areas Georgetown students and grads pursue.

Legal Markets

Like the cities themselves, each legal market has its own personality, major employers, and dominant industries. These pages will help you explore nine of the most popular markets for Georgetown Law graduates.

Guide to Public Interest Career Guides

Looking for a place with all of the information you need to start your public interest job search? Here you will find, in one place, some helpful links to get you started, including both Law Center online resources and others.