Scope of Services

We are committed to meeting as many of our students’ mental health and wellbeing needs as we can by providing a variety of confidential services. These include individual brief psychotherapy, process and skill-building groups, after-hours and emergency care, medical leaves of absence, consultations, and psychiatric evaluation and care. All CAPS services are free of charge for Georgetown Law students. 

To best meet the demand for services, CAPS operates according to a brief treatment model in which the student and the clinician collaboratively address the student’s primary concerns in a time-efficient manner.

Given the high demand for services experienced here and at university counseling centers across the nation, we use our best clinical judgment to determine which students are best matched with services within our office and which students would be better served by other resources on campus or in the community. Community referrals are appropriate when long-term care is needed or when the nature of the needed services goes beyond the scope of what CAPS can offer. We are dedicated to providing assistance as needed to help students secure referral options outside of CAPS when that is indicated. For additional information, check out our referral page.

At the Law Center, full- and part-time J.D. and graduate program students are eligible for all services. Faculty and staff are eligible for consultations and referral services. Individuals who are unaffiliated with the university can contact CAPS for general information about treatment, psychological issues, and community resources.

With few exceptions, the law requires that to do teletherapy, a provider must be licensed in the state where they practice as well as the state where the client is located. This also applies to international teletherapy. As a result, CAPS clinicians may not be able to provide teletherapy services to students residing outside the DC area. In those cases, we will work with any student to connect them to resources near them.

To request an appointment, students can complete the First Appointment Request Form with a Law Center CAPS clinician.

Healthiest You

HealthiestYou provides access to telehealth therapy and psychiatry services. Students with the Georgetown University Student Health Insurance (GUSHI) may access mental healthcare through HealthiestYou by Teladoc at no charge. Students without GUSHI may access these telehealth services at an out-of-pocket cost. Treatment options with HealthiestYou by Teladoc include ongoing therapy and medication management telehealth sessions through video or phone calls. Students have access to ongoing care based on clinical recommendation and student’s personal decision. Visit our website for more information on how to access these services.

HoyaWell Services

Law students seeking support both within and outside of the DC area, are able to use teletherapy resources through HoyaWell, Georgetown University’s partnership with the national provider Timely MD. Instructions for accessing CAPS and HoyaWell services are listed below. Please know that CAPS is still here to support all Georgetown Law students and to answer any questions you may have about accessing care that is right for you.

For immediate non-emergency support and problem solving: Students at Georgetown Law (regardless of their location) can now utilize the Talk Now feature of HoyaWell.

For students currently living within and outside of DC: Students can schedule ongoing counseling through HoyaWell. HoyaWell will allow you to select providers licensed in your state and with qualifications that best match your concerns.


If you are interested in outreach services for the university community, please contact the Associate Director of the Law Center, Lauren DePompeo, Psy.D. at

Additional Resources

For additional information, including scope of services, medical leaves of absence, CAPS and Student Health’s Policies regarding Psycho-Stimulant/ADHD medication, and consultations please refer to the main campus website.