Is DC dangerous?
DC is no more dangerous than any other city. During the day, the streets are filled with tourists and business people. It’s a beautiful city and we encourage our guest to get out and take advantage of what DC has to offer. However, we recommend that our residents be careful when walking alone in the evenings. The Gewirz Student Center provides 24 hour uniformed security.

Can I move in earlier than my assigned date and can I stay later than my assigned date?
No. Housing is only available for the dates indicated on your Summer Housing Application and Occupancy Agreement Form.

When is rent due?
Rent timelines are set in the assignment confirmation emails. Rent payment deadlines are usually set one week after the assignment confirmation date, to protect new applicants in the first come-first served process. If this changes for our new 2024 application process, it will be clearly communicated in the application.

Can I get a refund if I leave earlier than my departure contract date?
Residents will not receive refund for leaving earlier than their requested contract date.

Can I get a refund if I cancel before I move in?
Prospective residents may cancel their housing and receive a full refund as long as they do so by the date specified as part of the application process.

I’m not sure when my departure date will be, can I leave it open?
No, a departure date must be selected.

My spouse is staying with me, do we have to pay for two?
Yes, the rate is per person. Bedrooms in the Gewirz Student Center are single-occupancy only.

Is cable available?
Yes, although TVs are not provided. Digital cable service is included in the rent charge, you can connect through a smart TV or using an external device on a regular TV such as an Amazon or Roku stick.

How do I set up the cable?
Gewirz provides digital cable in all of the apartments. A television with a digital tuner is required to receive digital cable service. All plasma/LCD/LED televisions have a digital tuner. You can connect through a smart TV application or by using an external device to make your regular TV a smart one. There is also an antenna outlet behind the desk in each bedroom. Cable services may not function properly if the TV is plugged into the antenna outlet.

Is there parking?
Parking will be available for a rate of $10 a day in the Gewirz garage underneath the building. To sign up for parking please fill out this form.

Do the rooms have phones?
Telephone service is not provided.

Can I get linen service?
No, we do not provide linen service. Laundry rooms are available on the 2nd and 11th floors.

Can my application fee be applied to my rent charge?
No, the $75.00 application fee is separate from rent. There is no deposit charged.

How do you select roommates?
Residents who wish to room together must request each other in their applications. If you don’t submit a roommate request, you may be matched with another summer resident according to gender preference. When possible, residents are matched according to academic year and purpose for being in Washington.

How do you operate the air conditioning?
The thermostats have an unusual design. Both the switch and the knob must be set to “cool” to produce regulated cold air. The thermostat switch sets the unit to run until the air temperature is under or over a target temperature (during the summer, it should be set to “cool” to run until the unit is under the target temperature). The knob sets that target temperature. The fan control in each HVAC unit must also be set to “low”, “medium”, or “high.” If the fan control is set to “off” it will not blow air, no matter how the wall control is configured.