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"Trump Challenges Justice Department Tradition of Independence", coverage in VOA News, February 5, 2018, quoting Professor Victoria Nourse.

"Georgetown Law honors canon lawyer who advised at Vatican II," coverage by the National Catholic Reporter, January 31, 2018, featuring Dean Willam M. Treanor and professors Naomi Mezey and David Luban.

"Cyndi Lauper, Sara Ramirez Among Ambassadors to Biden Foundation’s LGBTQ, Women’s Violence Advisory Councils," coverage in Variety, January 25, 2018, featuring Professor Victoria Nourse.

"In defamation case, Trump offers new twist in Bill Clinton’s Paula Jones defense," coverage in The Washington Post, December 19, 2017, quoting Professor Naomi Mezey and Associate Professor J. Maria Glover.


"Trump’s Approval Rating Nose Dives As Bill For Sexual Assault Investigation Is Introduced," coverage by the Inquisitr, December 15, 2017, quoting Professors Naomi Mezey and Susan Low Bloch.

 "Plea Deal", coverage in Truth, Politics and Power, December 8, 2017, interveiwing Professor Victoria Nourse

"Donald Trump facing reckoning from ex-Apprentice candidate he called a 'liar' over sexual harassment claims," coverage in The Independent, December 5, 2017, featuring Professor Naomi Mezey.

"Trump may face a reckoning in case brought by female accuser," coverage in The Washington Post, December 4, 2017, featuring Professor Naomi Mezey.

"Trump’s lawyer: the president can’t obstruct justice. 13 legal experts: yes, he can," coverage in Vox, December 4, 2017, featuring Professor Victoria Nourse.

"The #MeToo Moment Came Too Late for Anita Hill," coverage in The Daily Beast, December 4, 2017, featuring Professor Susan Deller Ross.

An interview with Professor Eleanor Holmes Norton (D.C. Del.) appears in The Washington Post, November 22, 2017. The article also mentions Professors Emma Jordan and Susan Deller Ross.

"Domestic violence is a tragedy. It's not a predictor of mass murder," by NBC 5 On Your Side, November 15, 2017, with an opinion piece quoting Professor Deborah Epstein.

"How are mass killings and domestic violence linked?," coverage in PBS NewsHour, November 6, 2017, featuring Professor Deborah Epstein.

"WashU Expert: Accommodation laws take the cake in Colorado case," coverage by The Source (Washington University in St. Louis), October 31, 2017, mentioning Professor Nan Hunter.

"Six White House Staffers used Private Email Accounts," coverage by JD Journal, October 3, 2017, quoting Professor Victoria Nourse.

"The fight for control over the special counsel's Russia investigation", coverage in the Washingtion Post, August 25, 2017, interviewing Professor Victoria Nourse

"How important is it that Mueller has formed a grand jury? I asked 20 legal experts.", coveraage in Vox, August 4, 2017, featuring Professor Victoria Nourse, Professor Julie O'Sullivan and Professor Paul Rothstein.  


"I asked 12 legal experts if the latest Trump-Russia news showed obstruction of justice." coverage in Vox, August 2, 2017, featuring Professor Victoria Nourse and Professor Susan Low Bloch

"Bipartisan Legislation Introduced To Increase Job Opportunities For Law School Grads," coverage by Above the Law, July 24, 2017, referencing Dean William Treanor and Professor Robin West. 

 "Trump Jr claims a gear change in Russia scandal", coveage in Sky News, on July 12, 2017, featuring Professor Victoria Nourse



 "Trump administration: There's no evidence of collusion. 12 legal experts: Yes, there is", coverage in Vox, on July 11, 2017, featuring Professor Victoria Nourse.

"Trump Business Competitors Allege Unfair Impact in Emoluments Suit," coverage by the New York Law Journal, April 18, 2017, quoting Professor Victoria Nourse.

United States Institute of Peace announced an international panel on Conflict and Constitutions: Ensuring Women's Rights, held April 12, 2017, with Professor Susan Deller Ross as moderator. For more on this story, see UN Women.

"FEATURE-At war with the in-laws: Tanzania's evicted widows push for rights," coverage in Thomson Reuters Foundation, April 5, 2017, featuring Professor Susan Deller Ross.

"Dividing Lines: Who Owns the Culture My Friends Appropriate?," coverage by The Georgetown Voice, March 22, 2017, quoting Associate Dean Naomi Mezey.

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