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"Secret Handshake," coverage by Slate, April 6, 2018, quoting Professor David Luban.

"Trump Lawyer’s Payment to Porn Star Raises New Questions," coverage by The New York Times, February 14, 2018, quoting Professor Philip Schrag.

"Georgetown Law honors canon lawyer who advised at Vatican II," coverage by the National Catholic Reporter, January 31, 2018, featuring Dean Willam M. Treanor and professors Naomi Mezey and David Luban.

Gitmo Terror Trial Farce Gets Into High Gear as Bugged Defense Attorney Locked Up for Contempt, coverage in Newsweek, December 1, 2017, featuring Professor David Luban.

"The Secret Ruling That Broke the Guantanamo Military Commissions," coverage by Just Security, November 30, 2017, quoting Professor David Luban.

"The Future of Law Schools: Law Schools Shaking Up Curriculum to Focus on Technology, Panel Says," coverage by the Legal Executive Institute, November 27, 2017, featuring Professor Tanina Rostain.

"“Religious Freedom” Proponent Jeff Mateer Is the Most Dangerous of Trump’s Judicial Nominees," coverage in Slate, November 22, 2017, quoting Professor David Luban.

"DOJ's stance on Illegal immigrant abortion case is clear jab at ACLU," an opinion piece by Professor David Luban in The Hill, November 9, 2017.

"Bad Boies," coverage in Slate, November 7, 2017, featuring Professor David Luban.

"Is Manafort's Arrest Proof the Trump Campaign Colluded With Russia?," coverage by the Independent Journal Review, October 30, 2017, quoting Professor Paul Rothstein.

"Special Report: They Fled Danger for a High-Stakes Bet on U.S. Immigration Courts," by U.S.News & World Report, October 17, 2017, referencing a 2007 law center article "Refugee Roulette: Disparities in Asylum Adjudication" by authors Professor Philip Schrag and Professor from Practice Andrew Schoenholtz.

"Amateur rap lyrics are being used as evidence across the country," coverage by Think Progress, September 1, 2017, quoting Professor Paul Rothstein.

 "WaPo At It Again: Buries Mitigating info in Bombshell Russia Report", coverage in The Daily Caller, August 9, 2017, featuring Professor Paul Rothstein.

"Expert: Trump Should Go to Congress to Quell Sanctuary City Defiance", coverage in 790KABC, August 8, 2017, interviewing Professor Paul Rothstein. 

"How important is it that Mueller has formed a grand jury? I asked 20 legal experts.", coveraage in Vox, August 4, 2017, featuring Professor Victoria Nourse, Professor Julie O'Sullivan and Professor Paul Rothstein.  


"Trump Atty's Nasty Emails Unlikely To Draw Sanction," coverage by Law 360, July 14, 2017, quoting Professor David Luban.

"Why OLC is Unlikely to Criminalize Online Gambling," a Competitive Enterprise Institute blog, June 23, 2017, quoting from Professor David Luban's book Legal Ethics and Human Diginity.

"Why OLC is Unlikely to Criminalize Online Gambling," coverage in Competitive Enterprise Institute, June 23, 2017, featyuring Professor David Luban.

 "Can Trump fire Mueller? Yup, and in more ways than one". coverage in Politico, June 13, 2017, featuring Professor Paul Rothstein. 

 "Loretta Lynch could be questioned for pressuring Comey on Clinton email matter", coverage in ABC7/WJLA on June 12, 2017, quoting Professor Paul Rothstein. 

"Trump's "Let This Go" Request Half An Obstruction Case", coverage in Law360, June 8, 2017 quoting Professor Paul Rothstein.  

 "It only matters if Republicans say it matters", coverage in VIce News, June 7, 2017, quoting Professor Susan Low Bloch and Professor Paul Rothstein

"Andrew McCabe Appears to Have No Legal Basis for Refusing to Discuss Comey Conversations," coverage in Law Newz, June 7, 2017, quoting Professor Paul Rothstein.

 "Kushner Retains Access to Top-Secret Information Despite FBI Investigation". coverage in, on June 6, 2017 quoting Professor Paul Rothstein

"Person of interest: Kushner still has access to nation's secrets while under FBI scrutiny," coverage by VICE News, June 5, 2017, quoting Professor Paul Rothstein.

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