Business Law Scholars Director Steve Hills speaking in McDonough Hall to current students

Students who complete the rigorous Business Law Scholars program will leave law school with extensive practical training and business connections through three unique components:

  1. Access to top business executives and corporate attorneys
  2. Mentoring program designed to take students through law school and into their legal practice
  3. Coursework that combines a broad base in corporate law with two courses designed just for Business Law Scholars students
Access to Top Business Executives

Students selected for the Business Law Scholars program will work closely with Professor Stephen Hills. As president and general manager of the Washington Post Media company, Hills led the transformation of the company from a print-centric legacy organization to a digital powerhouse, named “Most Innovative Media Company in the World” by Fast Company.

Cornerstone Courses

Business Essentials/Mini MBA

Students work through 18 Harvard Business School cases and two Harvard Business School simulations – all led by Professor Stephen P. Hills. The goal of the course is to teach through case study and experiential learning how businesses function, the interrelationships between the various disciplines, and the common problems that businesses face from competition and changing marketplaces.

Leadership Seminar

Taught by award-winning professor Hillary A. Sale, this course is only offered to third-year Business Law Scholars. The course covers a broad array of leadership topics and encourages students to find their own personal leadership style, through the development of a capstone project. This year students made recommendations on actual areas of potential improvement at the Law Center.

Business Law Scholars Application for Fall 2020 JD Applicants

BLS Application 2020 (compliant)