*Priority means, a complete Green Application (this includes your FAFSA (federal eligibility only), CSS Profile (new grant applicants only), loan application and any additional documents requested to complete your file) received by April 15th for Summer and June 1st for Fall are guaranteed their financial aid certified by the Office of Student Account’s tuition due date. Green Applications complete AFTER June 1st will receive their award notification on a rolling basis.

The Green Financial Aid Application opens in March. A reminder will be sent to continuing financial aid recipients AFTER Spring Break.

*If you submitted your Green Application and need to make a change to your requested loan or FWS amount/s, please do so PRIOR to August 1st by completing the Loan Adjustment Form. Requests submitted AFTER August 1, may be processed AFTER Add/Drop.

*The Green Application will become available for Graduate level (LLM, Exec LLM, MSL and SJD) students in May.

You can check receipt of your Green Application by checking the Green Application requirement in MyAccess.

Fall aid disbursement – August 20, 2021 Spring aid disbursement – January 3, 2022
Don’t forget to request any living expense refund at the start of each semester via MyAccess.