Georgetown Law began its Loan Repayment Assistance Program (LRAP) in 1986 to assist JD graduates in pursuing careers in the field of public interest law. Graduates who qualify for LRAP benefits receive assistance with monthly student loan payments in the form of interest-free loans from Georgetown Law.

In 1996 the program expanded to include government employees. Since that expansion, the program was divided into two segments: LRAP I, which was open to non-government public interest employees, and LRAP II, which was open to anyone who qualifies for LRAP I and also to government employees.

Subsequently, the faculty approved changes that greatly enhanced and simplified the programs. Effective May 2007, LRAP I and II were combined into one program, LRAP II, that has the best features of both.

In November 2009 the faculty approved our current LRAP III program for 2010 participants and more recent graduates.

Awards are administered to participants as loans that are forgiven after six months. Thus, as long as a participant in LRAP remains in his/her eligible employment during the six month term, and qualified for funding, he/she would receive forgiveness for that loan at the end of the six months.