Consideration is granted to JD graduates who apply within two years of graduation. Applications submitted more than two years after graduation must be accompanied by a letter of appeal explaining why the graduate is applying outside the two-year window. Such applications will be sent to the LRAP committee and if approved will be awarded as funds permit after all on-time applications have been evaluated.

Graduates participating in judicial clerkships which prevent the submission of an application within two years of graduation, may be granted a one-time extension. If you have a one year clerkship you will have a three year window to enter the program, or if you have a two year clerkship you have up to four years to enter the program.

Law Fellows enrolled as students and with loans not in repayment due to the in-school deferment status, will be granted an extension in a manner similar to judicial clerkships.  Note: some Law Fellows may be able to decline the in-school deferment and as long as no new borrowing is undertaken, may be eligible for LRAP.

Applications for LRAP are available in October of each year, with a deadline to apply by November 1st annually. Mid-year applications are available in April of each year, with a deadline to apply by May 1st. If the 1st falls on a Saturday, Sunday, or holiday, all materials will be considered timely if they are received by the next business day.