How many credits does it take to complete a Certificate?

For questions regarding the curriculum and credit requirements please view our curriculum guide.

Will it take longer to do a Certificate at the same time as the LL.M.?

No. When a Certificate is combined with an LL.M. degree program, the courses taken to meet the Certificate requirements are part of the courses taken to earn the LL.M. Therefore, you do not take "extra" credits if you combine a Certificate with your LL.M.

May I apply to two or more Certificate programs at the same time?

No. Applicants may apply to only one Certificate program.

If I want to take the New York Bar, may I pursue a Certificate in addition to my LL.M. degree?

Yes, but not always. With careful planning, foreign-educated students who want to pursue a Certificate and an LL.M. degree will be eligible to sit for the New York Bar. Typically, students must pursue one of the more flexible degree options (such as the General LL.M.) in order to meet both the Certificate requirements and the New York Bar eligibility requirements. Students pursuing more specialized degrees may have difficulty satisfying the requirements for everything at once. Admitted students are encouraged to discuss their options with their academic advisor before choosing their classes; applicants should not worry too much about this during the application process.