Guidelines for Departments and Students

On-campus employment is work performed on the premises of Georgetown University, including employment on main campus or with  on-location commercial firms which provide direct services for students on campus, such as the bookstore, cafeteria, or gym.  Working for a bar review company does not qualify as on-campus employment.

  • A student in valid F-1 status may engage in on-campus employment
  • Employment may begin up to 30 days prior to the program start date listed on the student’s Form I-20.
  • F-1 students may legally work up to 20 hours a week on campus.  Graduate Programs discourages students from working during the first semester of study, or working more than 10 hours a week during later semesters.
  • Employment may be full time during official school breaks or vacations, such as the summer session.
  • Approval for on-campus employment is automatically withdrawn when the student’s program is completed or terminated.

Department Responsibilities

Does the student have a Social Security Number?

  • YES: There is no need to request authorization from Graduate Programs.

Student Responsibilities

Do you have a Social Security Number?

  • YES: There is no need to request authorization from Graduate Programs.

Applying for the Social Security Number

Please use this guide to applying for a Social Security number.

Completing the Hiring Paperwork

The student will be required to complete hiring paperwork. Contact the Payroll Office with any questions. The Payroll Office is located in McDonough Hall, Room 583.

I-9 Form: Federal law requires the University to verify the identity and the legal ability to work of all its employees before the third day of employment. You will be asked to choose from a list of documents that establish your legal status and to provide the originals of those documents to your employer. The complete list of documents is available on the I-9 Form. The following combinations of documents are most commonly used for F-1 students working on-campus: (F-1) Unexpired Passport, Form I-94, Form I-20.