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Supreme Court Press Preview at Georgetown Law

August 28, 2019

WASHINGTON – Georgetown Law’s Supreme Court Institute will host its annual press briefing, “Anticipating the Supreme Court’s October Term 2019: What to Expect,” on Tuesday, Sept. 24. WHAT A panel of Supreme Court experts will discuss major…

New Faculty: Professor Yael Cannon

August 26, 2019 Faculty Health Law

The summer before college, Professor Yael Cannon volunteered through AmeriCorps with a food bank in Washington, D.C., driving a van to summer camps and public housing complexes, bringing food to low-income children who were no longer getting meals at school.

New Faculty: Professor Jonah Perlin

August 26, 2019 Faculty

In the fall of 2009, Professor Jonah Perlin (L’12) was a 1L student in Georgetown Law’s Section 2, taking Legal Research and Writing with Professor Kristen Tiscione.

New Faculty: Professor K-Sue Park

August 26, 2019

To many Americans, the financial crisis of the late 2000s was a singular episode of the recent past, in which homeownership became a casualty of late capitalism and its capacity to financialize nearly every aspect of modern life.