Safety Presentations

Upon request, DPS personnel will make presentations to Law Center staff and student groups covering either general or specific security issues/concerns. During each Fall Semester orientation week, the DPS routinely briefs the Gewirz Resident Fellow staff as well as the leaders of the various student organizations.

Investigations Program

Public Safety officers are tasked with conducting in-depth investigations of all criminal and suspicious incidents that occur within the Department’s area of jurisdiction. Comprehensive investigative reports, to include victim/witness statements as appropriate, document each incident and are reviewed by both the Shift Supervisory Sergeant and the Director. In support of criminal investigations, the DPS has covert in-house CCTV monitoring capability.

At the end of each calendar year, and in accordance with Public Law 101-152, The Jeanne Clery Disclosure of Campus Security Policy and Campus Crime Statistics Act, Georgetown University (with a separate section setting forth Law Center specific information) publishes an annual security report. The report includes detailed crime statistics for the previous three years as well as policies and procedures concerning security programs and practices at the two campuses.

In addition to criminal and suspicious incident reporting, DPS officers document all emergency response calls, damaged property incidents, noted or reported safety issues/concerns and any other significant incidents, which occur on or in the immediate vicinity of the Law Center campus.

Community Alerts

Whenever a serious crime occurs at or near the Law Center, information concerning the incident is disseminated immediately to all members of the Law Center community. Notification may be in the form of an oral briefing, posted memorandum, E-mail (both Law Center All and Bulldog accounts), an article in various Law Center publications or all of the aforementioned.

Parking Enforcement/Security Reminder Programs

The DPS enforces Law Center parking policies and procedures and will ticket and/or boot vehicles not in compliance. Officers on patrol routinely secure office doors and doors leading to restricted access/sensitive areas of the campus found open. Officers prepare written security reminders as appropriate.

Vehicle Fleet Management Programs

Public Safety manages two marked police vehicles. The Department is responsible for the maintenance, licensing and inspection of these vehicles.

Special Event Coordination/Support Service

In addition to staffing three regularly scheduled work shifts, the DPS assists with the planning, coordination and staffing of major special events at the Law Center such as Fall and Spring registration, Gewirz move-ins and move-outs, Law Center commencement, VIP/distinguished visitors, the EJF auction, Home Court and other such events.

DPS Escorts

Public Safety offers 24-hour escort service for all Law Center personnel to offices that are closed after normal business hours and/or to any other locations on campus upon request.

Student Guard Program

The DPS employs part-time Student Guards during the Fall and Spring semesters. These Student Guards augment DPS shift staffing levels at the fixed posts in the entry foyers of the Edward Bennett Williams Law Library and the Gewirz Student Center.

Laptop Computer Registration

The S.T.O.P. laptop computer registration program is designed to deter computer thefts and facilitate recovery should a computer be lost or stolen. Computers are permanently marked with a patented security plate bearing a unique bar code ID number, which is entered into a national asset tracking software program. Underneath the plate, an indelible tattoo is etched into the computer case, which if removed, displays a stolen property message.

Bicycle Registration

Bicycles are registered throughout the academic year. Locked and camera monitored bicycle cages, located on the P-1 level of the Gewirz Student Center, are available for the use of both Gewirz resident students and Law Center non-resident students.

Lost and Found

The DPS administers an extensive Lost and Found Program. Individuals can claim lost items at any time of the day by inquiring at the New Jersey Avenue security guard desk located in McDonough Hall or by completing the Lost Property Form under the Public Safety main webpage. If found property can be identified as belonging to a member of the Law Center community, a found property notice is sent to their e-mail address. Items that remain unclaimed after 30 days are discarded or donated to local charities.

Training Program

All Law Center DPS officers maintain current CPR, Basis First Aid, and Defibrillator certifications.

New employees who are hired without equivalent training (i.e. certified graduates of federal or state police academies, MOS designated military police officers or graduates of other recognized campus police academies) are required to successfully complete an eight (8) week Consortium of Universities Campus Law Enforcement Training Academy within their twelve (12) month probationary period.