Georgetown Law’s Entry into Practice (EIP) Program is designed to support 2023 J.D. graduates who have not yet secured post-graduate employment expand their skills and experiences and make new professional connections while volunteering with a non-profit or government agency. Participants in EIP work closely with our EIP advisors, Robyn Rucker-Moore in OCS (and EIP program administrator) and advisor Morgan Lynn-Alesker in OPICS, to continue their search for permanent positions. EIP participants may apply for awards (up to $4,500 per quarter) while they are actively volunteering from September 2023 through August 2024. Each EIP participant may be awarded a maximum of one year, or total of four quarters, of funding totaling up to $18,000. All funding for the 2023 EIP Program ends in August 2024, so funding for participants entering the Program after September 2022 will be prorated accordingly. Awards are granted quarterly, with continued eligibility contingent upon the participant’s active volunteering and working with the EIP advisors. EIP participants cannot be funded for positions at the Law Center.


For which types of organizations can I volunteer?

  • Nonprofit Organizations
  • Government Agencies
  • It is also possible for you to use the EIP stipend to set up a 501(c)3 organization or solo practice. If you are interested in this possibility, you will need to work out the details with your EIP advisor beforehand.
  • Note: Graduates engaged in partisan political campaign activity (e.g., tasks in any way related to a political campaign or political action committee) are not eligible for Entry Into Practice stipends for that activity. Graduates who will be conducting lobbying activities, the Graduate must obtain pre-approval from Georgetown Law and provide supporting documentation immediately so that the University has all required information for its reporting requirements outlined here:

When can I start volunteering through EIP?

  • In order to be eligible to receive up to a year of funding, participants must enter the EIP Program and begin their volunteer positions in September 2022. Those participants who enter EIP after September will not be eligible for a full year of funding, but will still be eligible to receive funding through August 2023.  Individuals beginning their EIP-eligible volunteering before September 2022 may be eligible for an early disbursement of funds. Recipients of early EIP disbursements will still only be eligible for a maximum of four quarters of EIP payments.  If interested, please contact Robyn Rucker-Moore (OCS) or Morgan Lynn-Alesker (OPICS). (List of former host organizations)

How do I approach potential EIP host organizations about volunteering for them?

  • Call or send an email to someone at the organization stating that you have the opportunity through Georgetown Law’s Entry Into Practice Program to do substantive work for them on a volunteer basis at no cost to their organization. Request a time to get together to discuss the opportunity. EIP opportunities are also sometimes included in the Recent Graduates Newsletter. Reach out to your EIP advisor to discuss your strategy, if you would like. (Sample employer outreach email)

What if the organization requires a specified time commitment?

  • While short-term commitments (for example, three months to six months) are not usually problematic, we generally do not recommend that you commit to an EIP host organization for longer than that. Your main goal should be to find long-term paid employment, and part of the requirement for you to remain in the EIP Program is that you continue seeking such employment. If you secure a full-time position before the expiration of your EIP commitment, please reach out to your advisor to discuss strategies for successfully navigating your commitment to the EIP employer. Exceptions can be made, however, if the position will significantly advance your overall job search and career goals. You should discuss such a longer time commitment with your EIP advisor before committing.

What if I want to switch host organizations?

  • You can switch host organizations during the EIP Program depending on your individual circumstances. For example, if you are not getting substantive experience, then you would likely be better off going to another organization where you will get a richer experience.

Can I take vacations and remain in EIP?

  • There are no time off or vacation-specific restrictions from Georgetown’s side of the EIP program; you can take time off and remain in the EIP Program as long as you are volunteering regularly throughout the quarter for which you are receiving a stipend. The place where you are volunteering may have guidelines or expectations, so we encourage you to coordinate time off with your supervisor.

When will I receive the stipend?

  • You will be paid the stipend on a quarterly basis. Quarters start in September, December, March and June. You should receive your payment within 30 days after the start of each quarter, provided you have requested a renewal and met with your EIP advisor as required. The initial stipend payment after enrolling may take additional time, as paperwork must be completed with Georgetown Main Campus and the Law Center. If you have arranged an EIP volunteer opportunity and would like to get started on the paperwork early, before beginning your volunteer position, please contact Robyn Rucker.

Can I have an additional source of income and remain in the EIP Program?

  • Yes, you can make up to $10,500 per quarter from other sources in addition to your EIP stipend. This additional funding can come from your host organization or from another source, but not from the Law Center. For example, EIP participants cannot have a Research Assistant position and participate in the EIP program. Once an individual has secured and started a post-graduate position, they are no longer eligible for the EIP program.

Will I receive health insurance and other benefits?

  • No. You will not be able to receive health insurance and other benefits through the EIP Program. However, it may be possible for you to obtain extended health insurance; please contact the Center for Wellness at

What impact does EIP have on my loan repayment?

  • EIP does not qualify for Georgetown’s LRAP. Please contact the Financial Aid Office directly at (202) 662-9210 to get more information.

Who do I contact to obtain required tax documents?

What if I receive a job offer for long-term paid employment while I am participating in the EIP Program?

  • If you receive such an offer, you would need to work out the departure details with your current host organization. It would be professional and help you to maintain the valuable contacts you have made with that organization if you were to give them at least two weeks’ notice and make sure you completed any work projects to the extent possible.

Do I need to pay back the EIP funding if I accept a long-term offer during a quarter?

  • No. If you are hired for a full-time position during a quarter you do not need to pay back the stipend already paid for that quarter. You would just not re-enroll in the EIP Program for the next quarter.

I have a non-conditional postgraduate job and my start date has been deferred by my employer. Am I eligible for EIP before I start that position?

  • No. EIP is intended to provide support for graduates seeking employment, not those who have employment lined up (but who are awaiting a start date or have a deferred start date).

I have a conditional postgraduate job that I will not start until I have passed the bar and/or been sworn in. Am I eligible for EIP before I start that position?

  • Maybe. While EIP is intended to provide support for graduates seeking employment, not those who have employment lined up, we recognize that some positions (e.g., public defenders in states that require licensing before beginning a full time job) are conditional. If you believe you fit in this category, please contact Robyn Rucker-Moore to receive pre-approval.

Application for Entry Into Practice (2023)