Advising Services

We invite JD alumni who are seeking positions or are planning a career change to make an appointment with one of our alumni advisors. Advisors will work with you to define your goals, develop your job search strategy, research potential employers, review your application materials, and hone your networking and interview skills.

Appointments are available during most times of the year to discuss a variety of job and career transition issues. During certain times of the year, the availability of one-on-one counseling may be limited due to major OCS, Law School, or University events, as well as professional staff schedules.

All J.D. Alumni appointments and services are offered virtually by Zoom or phone.


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What Do I Want to Do?

Start here if you . . . 
. . . are uncertain about what kind of career might be best for you.
. . . think it might be time to explore other types of work.
. . . want to explore “alternative” careers.
. . . have a curiosity about what else might be out there.
. . . want guidance on networking.

How Do I Get the Job?

Start here if you . . . 

. . . have some direction around the type of job you want, and you’re looking for information on how to get it.
. . . want advice on application materials – including resumes and cover letters.
. . . need a starter list of job search sites.
. . . are seeking guidance on interviewing for roles.
. . . find yourself curious about working with external recruiters (“headhunters”) and/or career coaches.
. . . are curious about salary-related resources.

How Can I Continue to Develop in My Role?

Start here if you . . . 

. . . are looking for tips and resources for improving your workplace experience and impact.
. . . wish to review diversity, equity, and inclusion resources.

What About Clerkships?

Start here if you . . . 

. . . are interested in working alongside a judge.
. . . are a litigator in search of a transition or looking to gain more research and writing experience.
. . . think a pivot to legal academia might be of interest.

Judicial clerkships are typically one- or two-year salaried, post-J.D. positions with federal, state, local, or administrative law judges. Clerkships can provide valuable experiences even for alumni who have already spent time practicing law -- and an increasing number of judges now prefer candidates who have some practice experience. Moreover, a judicial clerkship provides high-quality research and writing experience, an opportunity to gain invaluable knowledge of court or administrative agency procedures, and a chance to develop a lifelong mentoring relationship with a judge.

For additional information on clerkships, interested alumni should review our clerkships website and resources.

For advising appointments, alumni should book an appointment with Michele Hoff, Director for Judicial Clerkships.

Additional Resources

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