Online Scheduling for Students & Recent Grads

Want to schedule an appointment with an OCS or OPICS advisor? Log into Symplicity now to get started!

  1. Once you’ve logged into Symplicity, under Shortcuts on the Home page click on “Make an Appointment”
  2. Click on “Request New Appointment”
  3. Choose your filters – you can filter by appointment type, date and time, office location (OCS or OPICS) and/or by counselor name
  4. Click Check Availability
  5. Select your appointment date and time by clicking on the counselor name
  6. A pop-up confirmation window will appear; complete all required fields and click Submit. A confirmation email will be sent as well as a reminder email.

If you experience any difficulties while scheduling an appointment, contact the OCS or OPICS front desks at 202-662-9300 (OCS) or 202-662-9655 (OPICS).

Section Advisors

If possible, please try to schedule your appointment with your section advisor for general career discussions.

Section 1:
1L/2L – Alex Owen (OCS)
1L/2L – Nicole Vikan/Barbara Moulton (OPICS)
3L – Grace Aduroja (OCS)
3L – Morgan Lynn-Alesker (OPICS)
Section 2:
1L/2L – Andrea Glosser (OCS)
1L/2L – Adrianne Clarke (OPICS)
3L – Celia Spiritos (OCS)
3L – Morgan Lynn-Alesker (OPICS)
Section 3:
1L/2L – Rob Cacace (OCS)
1L/2L – Lauren Dubin (OPICS)
3L – Rachel Kohler/Robyn Rucker (OCS)
3L – Morgan Lynn-Alesker (OPICS)
Section 4:
1L/2L– Jen Van Buren (OCS)
1L/2L – Jennie Netburn/Barbara Moulton (OPICS)
3L – Grace Aduroja (OCS)
3L – Morgan Lynn-Alesker (OPICS)
Section 5:
1L/2L/3L – Celia Spiritos (OCS)
1L/2L – Adrianne Clarke (OPICS)
3L – Morgan Lynn-Alesker (OPICS)
Section 6 (Transfer Students):
2L – Rachel Kohler/Amy Mattock (OCS)
2L – Jennie Netburn (OPICS)
3L – Celia Spiritos (OCS)
3L – Adrianne Clarke (OPICS)
Section 7:
1E/2E/3E/4E – Marcia Shannon (OCS)
1E/2E/3E – Lauren Dubin (OPICS)
4E – Morgan Lynn-Alesker (OPICS)
Recent Graduates:
Marcia Shannon (OCS)
Morgan Lynn-Alesker/Barbara Moulton (OPICS)

A note to 1Ls: Your career advisors in OPICS and OCS are happy to schedule appointments with you beginning October 15th.  To gain access to the “Make an Appointment” shortcut you MUST upload your resume to the Documents Section of Symplicity.

Clerkships: JD students interested in Clerkships can schedule appointments online with Michele Hoff (OCS).

Recent Graduates: Recent JD graduates can schedule appointments online with Robyn Rucker (OCS)  & Morgan Lynn-Alesker (OPICS)

Scheduling for Alumni

JD alumni seeking private sector counseling can call 202-662-9300 to make an appointment with Marilyn Tucker. JD alumni seeking public sector counseling can schedule an appointment with OPICS by calling 202-662-9655.