Isabelle Smith HeadshotIsabelle Smith

Isabelle received a General Fellowship award to support her internship with the World Bank, Legal Vice Presidency Team in Washington, D.C. where she worked as a legal intern with the Environmental and International Law Practice Group. Isabelle graduated with an LL.M in Environmental and Energy Law.

“The internship experience allowed me to gain full-time professional experience at the World Bank which was valuable to the work I now do. I was offered the opportunity to extend my internship into a formal role with the LEGVPU team, however, I was unable to accept this as by the time I began the internship I had already accepted a job offer back home in New Zealand.

I would not have been able to take part in this internship experience without the generous assistance provided by the LL.M Post Graduate Fellowship. Because my internship was unpaid,

I would not have been able to financially support myself throughout the summer, particularly given the high living costs in D.C. I am incredibly grateful that the LL.M Post Graduate Fellowship allowed me to accept this opportunity at the World Bank.”

Sanvid Tuljapurkar

Sanvid Tuljapurkar HeadshotSanvid received a General Fellowship award to support her internship at the International Trade Centre (ITC) in Geneva, Switzerland where she worked with the Division of Market Development to support governments to design and implement trade development strategies. Sanvid graduated with an LL.M. in International Business and Economic Law and the WTO Studies Certificate.

“The internship was a very valuable experience in terms of policy making. It was also a great opportunity to get familiarized with UN institutions and experience an international city like Geneva.

The fellowship was immensely helpful for me to cover my expenses in an expensive city like Geneva given that the internship was an unpaid position. It is a great opportunity to pursue one’s goal without having to worry about finances immediately after the LL.M.”

Mia Penning

Mia Penning HeadshotMia received an IFC Fellowship Award. She completed an internship with the IFC Business Risk and Compliance Department. Mia graduated with a General LL.M. and a certificate in International Human Rights Law.

“The Business Risk and Compliance team was very welcoming and included me in all their activities. I was also given the opportunity to work on very interesting cases and could give insight in cases involving South Africa and Africa as well as International Human Rights matters.

The fellowship gave me the opportunity to get experience in an international organizations which is invaluable for the future of my international human rights career.”