Georgetown Law is one of the only law schools in the country with four therapists and a psychiatrist on staff who offer a range of psychological services at no charge to students. The Law Center also has free screening tools, free online talk therapy for those with student health insurance, the Georgetown Law Mental Health Alliance (a student organization focused on mental health support), and a weekly addiction recovery group open to graduate students in the D.C. area. To learn more about the weekly student addiction recovery group, please email

Counseling and Psychiatric Services

Located in the Gewirz Student Center, Georgetown Law Counseling and Psychiatric Services staff members are here to support students experiencing difficult life events. If you are feeling anxious, confused, lonely, angry, depressed, or overwhelmed, you may find it helpful to speak with a professional.

Sexual Assault, Relationship Violence & Stalking Service Support

The Sexual Assault, Relationship Violence & Stalking Services (SARP) team coordinates free and confidential sexual assault and relationship violence services for Georgetown Law students, including crisis intervention and options counseling.