2008 – Present: 15+ Years of Finding Your Calm

Georgetown Law’s free, 8-week co-curricular course introduces students to a variety of mindfulness skills and practices that students can implement in their daily lives to help defuse stress, navigate the challenges of law school, and cultivate an increased sense of wellbeing. Lawyers in Balance (LIB) prepares law students to thrive, even in the stressful lifestyle that often accompanies the legal profession. In small groups led by experienced Law Center faculty and staff members, students in LIB will explore a range of mindfulness tools, such as meditation, mindful movement, journaling, mindful listening, and guided imagery. The course introduces a new mindfulness technique each week and provides an opportunity to practice the technique in class. In addition to receiving a toolkit of mindfulness and self-care techniques, participants will get to enjoy the restorative benefits of taking a moment to slow down and connect with others in a confidential setting each week.

Applications for Spring 2024 LIB are being accepted through February 2. LIB groups will begin meeting in mid February.