Students may choose between nine course options: Property, Criminal Justice, or a course meeting the “first-year elective”, in addition to their 1E required courses Constitutional Law I, Torts, and Legal Practice. Because evening division students may not exceed 13 credits per semester, students may not take both a 1-credit Week One course and a 4-credit Property or Criminal Justice course. Students may take both a Week One course and a 3-credit “first-year elective” option. Space is limited; while we will make every effort to enroll all interested students in a Day Course, we cannot guarantee a seat in your preferred course(s).

Please note that this option will not be for everyone. Not only does it entail a significant additional workload, but you’ll need to have the scheduling flexibility to be able to attend a course during the workweek. You can still pursue a three-year J.D. degree without taking a 1E Spring Day Course; please talk to an academic advisor about your specific goals.

When do you register for a Spring Day Course?

The online preference form will open 9:00 AM ET on Thursday, November 2, 2023 and will close at 5:00 PM ET on Wednesday, November 8, 2023.

There is no advantage to submitting early.  If you wish to change your requests after submission, please submit another form; the latest submission will be counted as final.

Students can list up to five courses of interest. After the preference form closes, you will be unable to change your submission. Once enrolled in a day course, if you wish to request a change, please email

Spring 2024 1E Day Course Options

First Year Elective Options

  • All first-year elective courses meet MW 11:10 a.m. to 12:35 p.m.
  • Please visit the J.D. Spring 2024 1L Electives page for course titles, descriptions, and introductory videos from the professors.


  • If you have trouble accessing the form, please contact the Office of Academic Affairs at
  • There is no advantage to submitting early.
  • If you change your mind before the due date, simply submit a new form.  Only your most recent form will be processed.  After the due date, you will not be able to change your rankings.
  • If you have already enrolled in a Week One course, you may still request any Spring Day course option, including Property or Criminal Justice. If you are offered a seat in Property or Criminal Justice, you’ll have to decide whether to remain in Week One before the Week One drop deadline (Monday, November 27, 2023 at 3:00 p.m. ET).
  • Plans and schedules change. 1E Students requesting a day course will have the opportunity to drop the course provided they make the request before the end of the first week of the Spring semester. More information about this process will be provided to registered students.