ONLY J-1 students are required to provide one of the following materials to prove English Proficiency:

  • A minimum TOEFL score of 550 paper-based or 80 internet based, or an IELTS of at least 7.0
  • a signed document from an English language school (a school that teaches English language) or English language instructor (an instructor who teaches English as a foreign language)
  • an official transcript, school report or letter (signed and dated) from an educational institution where the language of instruction is English showing a minimum gpa equivalency of 3.0, or
  • a documented (signed and dated) interview conducted in-person or by video-conferencing, or by telephone if videoconferencing is not a viable option, by Georgetown University staff or faculty in the admitting department/office.

Please note: Georgetown Law Admissions has separate English proficiency requirements. This page is intended only for admitted students seeking J-1 status and is not intended for prospective students.