CCH Tax Research Network

Subjects: Accounting, International Taxation, Taxation

CCH Tax Research Network contains the online counterparts to CCH's many tax publications, including the Standard Federal Tax Reporter and tax materials for all 50 states. Includes full text of all primary sources, plus CCH's own commentary and analysis. User can search full text, browse by code section, or retrieve a document by its citation.

Daily Tax Report (BNA)

Subjects: Taxation

"Daily Tax Report (BNA): A detailed report on key legislative, regulatory, and legal tax developments --nationwide and around the globe. It includes TaxCore, a Notes- and Web-based component providing essential full-text tax documents, including primary source material from the Internal Revenue Service, the Tax Court, the Treasury Department, and more, along with IRS hearing transcripts."

E-Commerce Tax Report (BNA)

Subjects: Taxation

"E-Commerce Tax Report (BNA) provides daily news and practical information about developments affecting federal, state, and international taxation of electronic commerce."

IBFD (International Bureau of Fiscal Documentation) online

Subjects: International Taxation, Taxation

The IBFD database contains over 40 online publications on international taxation covering every country in the world, access to Tax News Service for the latest tax news from around the globe, and a copy of almost every book published by IBFD (excluding books published in cooperation with 3rd parties). A major focus is the taxation systems of Europe.

ProQuest Accounting and Tax

Subjects: Accounting, Journals and Journal Indexes, Taxation

"ProQuest Accounting & Tax database contains accounting, auditing, taxation, and financial management information. The database includes over 2,170 titles, as well as IASB, AICPA, and FASB accounting standards. It is national and international in scope, providing information on accounting policies and standards, state and national legislation, corporate and individual taxation, compensation and pension plans, and corporate financial management. This database contains the text of some articles plus FULL TEXT AT GU LAW links out to the articles in other databases. USE THIS LINK TO SEARCH THE ENTIRE DATABASE OR FIND INDIVIDUAL TITLES IN THE LIBRARY CATALOG."

Tax and Accounting Center (BNA)

Subjects: Taxation

"The Tax and Accounting Center offers practitioners a comprehensive array of analysis, news, primary sources and practice tools covering federal, international, and state tax issues and financial accounting."

Tax Management Weekly Report (BNA)

Subjects: Taxation

"Tax Management Weekly Report (BNA) filters through hundreds of legislative, regulatory and judicial developments to bring you a focused perspective on matters of greatest impact to you and your clients. It combines the notification, analysis and research aids you need in one unique and timely place."

TaxCore (BNA)

Subjects: Taxation

"TaxCore is published each business day. It provides access to important tax-related documents from Congress, the IRS, and dozens of other sources, reproduced verbatim. Documents include: bills; comment letters; Congressional, GAO, and other reports; IRS PLRs and TAMs; IRS exemption rulings; IRS general counsel's memoranda (GCMs); IRS actions on decisions (AODs); other court decisions; IRS hearing transcripts; U.S. Tax Court memorandum opinions; statements and testimony, Treasury correspondence."

Taxes in Europe

Subjects: International Taxation, Taxation

This database, maintained by the European Commission, provides information about income taxes, value added taxes, social security taxes, and excise duties collected by each member state of the European Union. For each type of tax collected by each jurisdiction, you will find information about its legal basis, assessment base, main exemptions, applicable rate(s), economic and statistical classification, as well as the amount of revenue generated. Both current and historical information is provided.

Subjects: International Taxation, Taxation

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