CCH Tax Research Network

Subjects: International Taxation, Accounting, Taxation

CCH Tax Research Network contains the online counterparts to CCH's many tax publications, including the Standard Federal Tax Reporter and tax materials for all 50 states. Includes full text of all primary sources, plus CCH's own commentary and analysis. User can search full text, browse by code section, or retrieve a document by its citation.

IBFD (International Bureau of Fiscal Documentation) online

Subjects: Taxation, International Taxation

The IBFD database contains "over 40 online publications on international taxation covering every country in the world, access to Tax News Service for the latest tax news from around the globe, and a copy of almost every book published by IBFD during the period of membership (excluding books published in cooperation with 3rd parties)." A major focus is the taxation systems of Europe. Test Link for Off-Campus Access

ProQuest Accounting and Tax

Subjects: Accounting, Taxation, Journals and Journal Indexes

ProQuest Accounting & Tax database contains accounting, auditing, taxation, and financial management information. The database includes over 2,170 titles, as well as IASB, AICPA, and FASB accounting standards. It is national and international in scope, providing information on accounting policies and standards, state and national legislation, corporate and individual taxation, compensation and pension plans, and corporate financial management. This database contains the text of some articles plus FULL TEXT AT GU LAW links out to the articles in other databases. USE THIS LINK TO SEARCH THE ENTIRE DATABASE OR FIND INDIVIDUAL TITLES IN THE LIBRARY CATALOG.

RIA Academic Advantage Library

Subjects: State and Local Government Law, Accounting, Taxation

The RIA Academic Advantage Library contains RIA and WG&L tax research products on the Checkpoint platform, which is a database that provides comprehensive and full-text coverage of federal, state and some international tax materials. It provides access to RIA tax publications, including the RIA Citator 2d, Federal Tax Coordinator 2d, U.S. Tax Reporter, RIA Tax Alerts, all 50 state and local tax reporters, and 5 WG&L journals. See also the RIA International Tax Library and RIA FASB Accounting Standards Codification.

Tax and Accounting Center (BNA)

Subjects: Taxation

The Tax and Accounting Center offers practitioners a comprehensive array of analysis, news, primary sources and practice tools covering federal, international, and state tax issues and financial accounting.

Taxes in Europe

Subjects: Taxation, International Taxation

The Taxes in Europe database is the European Commission's online information tool covering the main taxes in force in the EU Member States. Access is free for all users. The system contains information on around 650 taxes, as provided to the European Commission by the national authorities. It contains, for each individual tax, information on its legal basis, assessment base, main exemptions, applicable rate(s), economic and statistical classification, as well as the revenue generated by it.

Subjects: Taxation, International Taxation

The Law Library has subscriptions to the electronic versions of three weekly publications: Tax Notes (Federal News & Analysis), State Tax Notes, and Tax Notes International. In addition, the library subscribes to Tax Practice, Federal Research Library, Tax Notes Today, State Tax Today and Worldwide Tax Daily. Georgetown faculty and students can sign up to receive daily emails of Tax Notes Today plus access an archive going back to 1987 on the web site.