1. What are the benefits of living in the Gewirz Student Center?

Close to the library and classes, so no time is wasted commuting.
Easy access to fitness center.
On-site laundry facilities.
Trained, professional residence life staff who can assist you with your transition to Washington.
Organized social activities.
24 hour security.
Utilities included (average savings $70/mo).

2. How and when do I apply ?

Applications can be completed online. All applications must be received by the specified deadline. Since housing selection times are determined by lottery, there is no concrete benefit to to applying earlier in the application window. All students, so long as they apply by the annual deadline, have an equal chance at housing. After the lottery is complete, remaining rooms are selected on a first come, first served basis.

3. How are assignments determined?

For the 2023-24 academic year, a lottery for applicants will be used to generate selection times. When an applicant’s selection time arrives, they can log in to StarRez (the same site as the initial application) and select an apartment. If we have more applicants than we have spaces available, this lottery will also determine the order of the waiting list. Your housing application must be received by the Office of Residence Life to enter the lottery.

4. How do I pay my application fee?

For the 2023-24 academic year, there is a $150.00 housing application fee. In the past, all application fees could be charged to students’ respective university accounts. There was no separate payment process. This year payment is accepted through the application so you can continue with the application right away.

5. Is my $150 housing application fee refundable?

For the 2023-24 academic year, there is a $150 housing application fee. In the past, applicants who did not receive an offer of a space by move-in weekend had their housing fee refunded.

6. Can I cancel my occupancy agreement?

If an applicant is accepted to another institution and they choose not to attend Georgetown they will not be charged a cancellation fee. If an applicant remains a registered student at Georgetown, they will be charged a $400 cancellation fee if they cancel after the cancellation deadline. This will be posted to your student account. As of the Monday after move-in day you will be held to all the terms of the agreement.

7. If I defer admission, will I be charged a cancellation fee?

No. Deferred students should notify the Office of Residence Life of their deferral. The $150 application fee will guarantee a space for the following year.

8. I’m on the waiting list, what are my chances?

In past years, we have been able to accommodate almost all students who requested housing, but we cannot guarantee housing to students. Students on the waitlist should feel free to contact the Director of Student Housing for an update on their status and information about off-campus housing resources.

9. I missed the lottery date. Can I get on the waiting list?

Yes. The $150 application fee is not necessary to get on the waiting list if necessary. If you are assigned a space you will then need to pay any applicable application fee.

10. How do you match roommates?

Students may select roommates as part of the housing application process. If you do not select your roommate(s), then you will be assigned a roommate based on the criteria provided in your housing application.

11. Is Cable included?

Yes, although TVs are not provided. You must bring your TV with smart TV capabilities. Digital cable service is included in existing housing charges. You can select “Live TV” on your smart TV, Roku stick, Fire stick, etc. to use the service. Cable will no longer be available in Spring 2024 because Gewirz will be upgrading the Wi-Fi service.

12. Is internet access included?

Yes. Georgetown Law contracts with i4DM for wireless internet service in the Gewirz Student Center. As of fall 2018, support has ceased for all wall-mounted ethernet jacks. Students should connect to the GT-Law network and file any support requests according to the information they receive during move-in. The Wi-Fi will be upgraded in Spring 2024 to the general campus internet.

13. How Do I Report An Issue With The GT-LAW OR GT-LAW 2.4 Wireless Networks?

i4DM currently provides support for issues with the GT-Law and GT-Law 2.4 networks as part of the contract the university has with Astound, previously known as RCN. To request support, please fill out this form.

14. How do I file a Service Request for repairs in the building?

You can access and submit the Gewirz Service Request Form online.

15. Is there parking available for residents?

Gewirz residents will have access to parking this year. You will need to fill out this form to apply for parking. The current Fall 2023 rate is $920.00 a semester. Please email lawfacilitiesmgmt@georgetown.edu for more information.

16. When is move-out?

2023-24 academic year housing ends at noon on Saturday May 18, 2024 for non-graduating students and Monday May 20, 2024 for graduating students. Residents receive reminders during the late spring, but are responsible for knowing their own contract information and making arrangements accordingly.