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Total Cost for Program Fee and Lodging: U.S. $3905*

The cost of the program includes payment for the program and relevant course materials ($2750), the lodging fee for 13 nights ($1105), and the wire transfer fee ($50).  Meals are not included except for three group meals.  Airfare to and from the United States is not included.

*If you would like to stay in a room by yourself, the lodging fee will increase to $2210.  If you are arriving early or leaving later than the program dates, you will need to pay additional lodging fees and you must notify the Program Administrator ( of your desire to do so by May 31, 2017.  The current cost includes the night of July 15 through the night of July 27.

NOTE: Many universities offer financial aid and academic credits.  Check with your university to see if this course would apply.

Payment Deadlines

Option 1: This option requires you to pay by May 1, 2017 but if you pay by May 1, you will get $150 off the program fee meaning that you only owe $3755.  

Option 2: This option allows you to divide your payments.  You pay 10% of the cost ($390.50) by May 1 and the rest  ($3514.50) by May 31, 2017.

If you decide not to attend, a refund of 50% of the cost is available if you submit your refund request by June 5, 2017 to

Wire Transfer Information

Once you have been accepted into the program, you will receive instructions about how to make your payment via wire transfer.







选项1:此选项要求您在2017年5月1日之前付款,但如果您在5月1日之前付款,您将获得150美元的节目费,这意味着您只欠了$ 3755。

选项2:此选项可让您划分付款。 您在5月1日前支付费用的10%($ 390.50),其余($ 3514.50)在2017年5月31日前支付。





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