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U.S. Constitution and the American Economy


Hosted at Georgetown University Law Center in Washington, D.C., the U.S. Constitution and the American Economy program offers students a unique opportunity to examine the institutions of the United States government and the complex constitutional structure which shapes the American legal system and economy.  

For 2017, the program will be held from July 16 through July 28.



Academic Focus

The U.S. Constitution and the American Economy Program is designed to help participants understand the complex constitutional structure which shapes U.S. government and the economy.  Through a series of lectures and experiential learning opportunities, the course will consider how the Constitution used legal norms found in Common Law and Natural Law to create a large commercial republic, and how those norms continue to impact the legal and economic decisions made in America today.



Professional Focus

This program is also designed to help participants learn about being a professional in the United States.  Participants will be able to meet with professionals in the various branches of government, as well as talk with practicing lawyers and U.S. law students.


Cultural Focus

A third aspect of the program is to offer participants a chance to experience American culture.  Washington, D.C., as the nation's capital, is home to famous monuments, historical sites, and some of the best museums in the country.  Participants will have time to tour the city, experience American cuisine, and participate in American pastimes.  The program also pairs participants with mentors who are American law students or lawyers so that they can engage with Americans who are pursuing similar professional careers.



*This schedule is from 2016. The schedule for Summer 2017 is subject to change.

Schedule Week 1
Schedule Week 2

*Certificates will be awarded upon successful completion of program requirements.

Justice Samuel Alito and Professor Baker in Beijing, 2016Justice Samuel Alito and Professor Baker in Beijing, 2016

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