Getting Started with Zoom

1. Configure and Test Zoom

  1. Go to:
  2. Click “Sign In”
  3. Authenticate with your Georgetown username and password to sign into your Profile Page.
  4. Locate “Personal Meeting ID” at center of the screen.  Click the edit button to its right.
  5. Change your Personal Meeting ID # so that it matches your Office Phone Number (or any other 10-digit number that you can easily remember).
  6. Check “Use Personal Meeting ID for instant meetings.” Make sure this option is checked. Write down that number!  Click Save Changes.
  7. At the upper right of the screen, click “Host a Meeting > With Video On”.  Accept / agree to prompts.
  8. Notify Instructional Continuity that your Zoom meeting is open, include your Meeting ID #  and one of our staff will join you in a real-time test connection.
  9. If you are unable to proceed from any one of these steps to the next, notify Instructional Continuity and one of our staff will assist.
  10.  For a detailed explanation of the options and controls that are available to the host of a Zoom session, view this link.

2. Using Canvas to Create and Schedule Zoom sessions

Instructors can access, create and run Zoom sessions via Canvas using the Zoom Conferencing plug-in located in the Navigation Menu in their Canvas course site. Use the link below for instructions on using the Canvas Zoom Conferencing plug-in.

Students will access created sessions through the same Zoom Conferencing link in your Canvas course site.  

To post a link to your Zoom meeting in your Canvas site as an Announcement (Optional) follow the steps in this link:

The announcement will automatically send an email notification to students and can be referenced at any time via the Announcements link on the Canvas course site.

Recording your Zoom session

If you choose to hold your class over Zoom, you may also consider whether or not to record your session.  IST does not have the capability to record classes that are held off-campus, including classes held over Zoom.  As the host of your own Zoom meeting, however, you can produce video recording in mp4 format of your class.  To do so, you will need to start and to stop the recording manually at the appropriate times.  This is done by clicking the Record / End Recording button located at the right of the lower toolbar.  We recommend that you click End Record before you end your meeting.  Upon ending your meeting, you will be prompted to rename your recording, which will then be saved on the hard drive of the computer on which you are running Zoom.

Once you have finished your Zoom session and saved your recording, you may want to post the recording to your Canvas site.  To upload the recording from your computer to Canvas, please follow the instructions in this link to upload a File to your Canvas course site:

Be sure to direct your students to the Files link in Canvas (you may do this via Announcements).

For more information on where to locate your Zoom recording, or for more Canvas options/information, please contact

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