Classroom and A/V Services

Updated Room Technology Touch Panel Control

Based on requests from our recent Faculty Tech Survey, we’ve integrated a more simplified and intuitive interface on the room technology touch panel control. The new interface provides easier access to the most requested room technology functions. This new feature is available in all classrooms that have a digital touch panel for room controls. Due to manufacturing and shipping challenges encountered by many technology manufacturers, we will have to wait until the required hardware is available to add this feature to rooms still integrated with the older push button room control system.

Room Audio System

Each Law Center classroom offers a combination of upgraded audio amplification solutions that provide exceptional voice amplification for in-class instruction, Zoom/Hybrid class sessions (e.g., with guest lecturers participating via Zoom), and Panopto course recordings.

For in-class voice amplification, each classroom offers a combination of audio microphone technologies that include gooseneck lectern microphones and/or lavalier microphones, all of which are carefully tuned to ensure optimized voice pick-up from the instructor. The built-in ceiling-mounted classroom audio speakers are meticulously distributed throughout the classroom to ensure ample and clear voice playback throughout the classroom.

Our classrooms also offer recently integrated beamforming microphones that are designed for optimized instructional voice audio pickup for Zoom/Hybrid class sessions and Panopto course recordings. These microphones are mounted on the ceiling throughout the classrooms and are tuned to pick up voices throughout the teaching and learning spaces in the room, while also minimizing ambient and background noises. During a Zoom/Hybrid class session, the built-in room ceiling-mounted audio speakers will provide audio output from the remote participants to the in-class participants.

Classroom Display System

Each of the classrooms are equipped with either HD laser projectors or HD flat-panel monitors to provide bright and clear projection of your presentations. All of the displays can be controlled with the wall-mounted control systems located in the instructional area at the front of the class.

Classroom Computers

Our recently upgraded classroom computers are equipped with the latest Windows updates and ample memory and processing power to handle the most demanding applications and presentations.

Zoom Video Conferencing

All video teleconferencing is to be done through Zoom Video-Conferencing. Georgetown University has provided all students/faculty with upgraded Zoom accounts, accessible by logging in through SSO with their NetID and password. Additionally, each classroom is outfitted with its own account for instant access. For more information on Zoom usage, please visit our Zoom Resources page.


Panopto is a cloud-based lecture capture service that can be used to capture classroom audio, video, and computer desktop displays, which can then be published online and viewed over the internet. Recordings in Panopto are viewable on most web browsers and mobile devices. Panopto is available to faculty, staff, and students at Georgetown.

If you have any questions about panopto, please contact the Law Center Technology Service Desk at Additional resources can be found on our Panopto Resources page.

Legacy Systems/Services

The following legacy systems have been phased out.
Video Cassette Tapes: Moving forward, video tapes are to be discontinued. The A/V department will no longer support video tape technologies, which includes VHS, Umatic, Beta, ¾”, and 8mm video tape formats. If you have the need to retain any content using tape technology, it is recommended that the content be converted to a digital format. For video tape conversions, please check:

  • Legacy BOX VHS Conversion
  • DVD Burning: DVD creation and duplication services have been discontinued. Video files should instead be shared using Georgetown Box. You can get started with Box at the following link: Georgetown BOX
  • DVD tp MP4 Conversions: DVD to MP4 conversions can be provided by Leave a Legacy Today for a fee.
  • Apple TV: Due to inconsistent reliability and low usage, we are removing Apple TV units from the classrooms. Zoom will now be used for wireless BYOD screen sharing. Our team is happy to walk you through the process or you can learn more about the process here:
    Sharing Your Screen or Desktop on Zoom

A/V Forms

Panopto Request Forms:
Forms to request special accommodation to view otherwise restricted class recordings
Request PANOPTO Access

AV Request Forms
Request A/V Support for a classroom, onsite event, or virtual event:
Request Classroom or Event A/V Support

Media Room Reservations
Request a Media Room Reservation for a podcast recording, video recording, or media interview recording:
Media Room Reservation Request


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