The public computers located in the E.B. Williams and John Wolff Law Libraries all have access to laser printers. Printing costs 6¢ per page, deducted from your GoCard or Guest Debit Card. To use the Law Center's public printing system (called Pharos), please follow the instructions listed below. You must have a GoCard or a Guest Debit Card to use this service.

  • Save your file, if necessary.
  • Execute the print command from the active application.
  • A Print dialog box will open.
  • Select Printer -  Law Center Pharos on PHAROS PROD-1) from the drop down menu
  • Select Print Settings (single sided, duplex, pages to print)
  • Click Print
  • In the Print Job Details dialog box type your NetID  or the last 5 digits of you Guest Debit Card.
  • Click on the Print button. (Your job will stay in the print queue for one hour.)
  • Go to a Pharos Print Station.Swipe your GoCard through the attached card reader.
  • A Releasing Print Jobs dialog box will appear.
  • Select your print job.
  • Click on the Print button.
  • Your document will print and screen will revert to the Pharos Printing System desktop.
  • If you leave the Pharos Print Station before the screen reverts, click on the Log Off button.

A list of Pharos Print Station locations can be found HERE.