Exam Review Process

Exam Review is held at least once each semester.  Students may request to review their exams and final papers during a scheduled exam review period each semester.  If your professor returns your exam or final paper to the Office of the Registrar, that exam or final paper will be available for pick-up during the exam review period.  If your professor did not return your exam or final paper to the Office of the Registrar, you must contact your professor directly to retrieve or review your exam or final paper.

Exam4 encrypts your in-class exam and take-home exam files, you will not be able to review your exam content once it is submitted.  You will need to submit the online request form to the Office of the Registrar if you wish to receive your submitted in-class and take-home exam files during the Exam Review window.

Past exam questions are available in electronic format on the Law Library website.  If a past exam is not available at the Williams Law Library website, please contact the Office of the Registrar.  Some professors also make model answers or feedback memorandums available to their students.  The model answers or feedback are available on the Williams Law Library website

If your professor designated an exam as “best exam” and authorized its availability to students, the designated exam will be made available in The Georgetown Law Library’s Online Exam Archive.

Exam Review Dates

Semesters Available: Spring 2019, Summer 2019 and Fall 2019
First Day to Request Exams: Friday, February 14, 2020 at 9am
Last Day to Request Exams: Thursday, February 20, 2020 by 5pm
First Day to Pick-up Exams: Tuesday, February 25, 2020
Last Day to Pick-up Exams: Tuesday, March 3, 2020

Exam Requests

To review an exam or final paper, first check to see if your exam or final paper is available by checking the online exam review request form.  Please be aware that some professors elect to retain the exams or papers instead of turning them in to the Office of the Registrar.  If your exam or final paper is not available, you will need to request your exam or final paper directly from your professor.

If your exam/final paper is available, you must complete the online form to request it.  You must complete and submit one request form for each exam/final paper.  You will need the course number to request your exam/final paper.  You may only request your own exams or final papers.  Please make sure your professor name, course title, and term are correct before submitting your request.

You will be required to show a picture ID in order to pick up your exam/final paper.  Once you pick up your exam/final paper, you do not need to return the exam/final paper to the Office of the Registrar.  The Office of the Registrar does not keep additional copies of your exam/final paper and will not be able to provide replacements.