Instructional Continuity

In  July 2014, the University introduced a new policy on instructional  continuity. The purpose of the policy is to support the continuation of  instructional activities through synchronous distance instruction when  unforeseen disruptions cause delayed openings or campus closure. The  full policy, which applies to all campuses, is located under Section IX. Other University and Main Campus Policies on the University's Graduate School website.

IST  is committed to maintaining alignment with the University policy and  supporting administrative and instructional continuity on the Law Center  campus in the event of planned changes or unplanned University closure.  IST provides faculty, staff and students with the software resources  needed to connect to classes, people and technology from remote  locations.

To  this end, the Law Center strongly encourages the use of  teleconferencing and web conferencing tools to allow classes to meet  remotely.  The Law Center uses Zoom as the web conferencing option that  faculty members can use to hold a virtual class meeting. All Georgetown  faculty, including adjunct faculty, and staff are provided with an  individual Zoom account.  IST has produced a short video tutorial on how to use Zoom. To get started using Zoom, click here for step-by-step instructions on how to configure your Zoom account and to hold your first Zoom session.

Students can quickly join a Zoom session by logging in from Georgetown’s Zoom Portal and entering the Meeting ID # provided by your instructor. You may also dial into a Zoom meeting by calling (646) 568-7788 and entering the Meeting ID # provided by your instructor. Students and instructors who use Canvas can also access Zoom by logging into Canvas and clicking on Zoom Conferencing from your specific Course menu in Canvas.

Specific details and instructions regarding additional tools such as virtual  private network (VPN), file access, remote desktop, telephone services,  teleconferencing services, instant messaging services, learning  management system (LMS) and lecture capture are documented in IST’s Administrative and Instructional Continuity guide.

The Technology Service Desk is available via email, telephone (202-662-9284)  or in-person (McD 152) to answer any questions you may have regarding  administrative and instructional continuity at the Law Center.


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