IST Policy for Departing Faculty & Staff


  • Your LawMail account will be deleted 90 days after your departure.
  • To save any LawMail data, including your contacts, you will need to export it before you leave. Instructions for doing so can be found in Section 6: Exporting & Importing LawMail Data of the LawMail Information page.
  • Before you leave, we recommend that you create a vacation message stating that after the 90-day period (provide the specific date) your LawMail account will no longer function.
  • In the same vacation message, we recommend that you provide a functioning address where people can email you.


  • The data on your computer will be erased 30 days after your departure.
  • If you would like to save any data from your computer, please contact the Technology Service Desk at two weeks before you leave.
  • Service Desk technicians will help you transfer your data to a memory key.
  • You must provide the memory key.


  • Your phone number will be reassigned within 30 days of your departure.
  • We recommend changing your voicemail message on your day of departure, referring callers to your new number.

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