Printing Via Email

The Law Center’s public printers can receive print jobs via email. You must have a GoCard to use this service.

Sending a Print Job via Email

  1. Open a new email and attach the file that you want to print. Please note that the size of the attachment is limited to 20 MB.
  2. Send your email to
  3. Once the job is ready to print, you will receive an email confirmation.
  4. If the email address you are sending from is not registered, you will receive a reply with instructions on how to register your email address (please note: you will need to resend your job after you have registered your address).
  5. Go to any Pharos Print Station. (Your job will stay in the print queue for one hour.)
  6. Swipe your GoCard through the attached card reader.
  7. Select your job from the print queue that appears and click on the Print button.
  8. Your document will print and the screen will revert to the Pharos Printing System desktop within five (5) seconds. (Printing costs 6¢ per page, deducted from your GoCard.)
  9. If you leave the Pharos Print Station before the screen reverts, click on the Log Off button to ensure that you are not charged for someone else's print job.

Note: Once you go to the Pharos Print Station, you have approximately 5 seconds to select your job from the queue and print it before the screen reverts to the Pharos Printing System desktop. If the screen does revert, simply swipe your GoCard and start over. No amount will be deducted from your GoCard until you click on the OK button of the Protected Job Password dialog.

Supported File Formats

  • Microsoft Office documents: Word, Excel and PowerPoint (.doc,.dot,.docx,.rtf,.eml,.xls,.xlt,.xlsx,.csv,.ppt,.pptx,.pptm)
  • Image files (.jpg,.png,.gif,.bmp)
  • Text file (.txt)
  • PDF documents (.pdf)

Note: MobilePrint only prints email attachments, not the emails themselves.

Pharos Print Station Locations

  • A list of Pharos Print Station locations can be found HERE.

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