The Human Rights Associates Program is designed to introduce Georgetown Law students to the breadth of human rights practice and institutions; expose students to a number of cutting edge issues in human rights; and help students prepare to practice human rights law – including through skill-building. The Program is tailored to incoming J.D. students.

Participating in the Program gives students a unique opportunity to network with high-level practitioners in a seminar-style environment. In exchange, participating students must be committed and willing to attend, prepare for and contribute to group discussions and to complete Program assignments in the absence of academic credit. In addition to attending required weekly meetings and completing short background readings, Associates are asked to attend a human rights event at Georgetown or in the Washington, D.C. area. In the spring, Associates will be responsible for identifying the focus and speaker for and facilitating at least one session.

Applications for the Human Rights Associates Program are distributed at the beginning of the fall semester each year.