Daniel Heath is the Managing Director of the Center for Transformation and Strategic Initiatives, an international, nonprofit group of academic experts and practitioners devoted to improving public administration of economic and regulatory agencies. He also is Senior Fellow at Georgetown University’s Institute for International Economic Law, where he directs projects and conducts research on the political economy of trade and finance.

Until recently, Mr. Heath represented the United States at the International Monetary Fund as Alternate Executive Director. Confirmed by the U.S. Senate in 2007, he served on the Executive Board at the most critical time in generations as the IMF guided macroeconomic policies, assisted countries in financial trouble, reformed its governance, and created opportunities for private enterprise and growth around the world. His areas of engagement included international economic governance, financial diplomacy, monetary and exchange rate policies, capital mobility, private sector development, regulation of financial markets and sovereign wealth funds.

Prior to his IMF position, he was a director in the White House National Economic Council for two presidents, responsible for small business and entrepreneurship, international food aid and rural development, and economic opportunity issues. He currently serves as the founding board member of the Urban Entrepreneur Partnership, an international business-development initiative of the Kauffman Foundation; board member and past Chairman of the National Bankers Association Foundation; advisor to Five Stone Green Capital LLC, a minority-owned New York firm investing in environmentally innovative real estate projects, and trustee of the Lyndon Institute preparatory school in Vermont.

Until 1995, Mr. Heath was senior economist for natural resources and international trade at OMB. Earlier in his career, he managed economic studies at Oxford Analytica in Europe, the Tuck School of Business at Dartmouth College, and the White House Council on International Economic Policy. Mr. Heath studied at Oxford University and George Washington University.