Jae Won Shin is a J.D. candidate at Georgetown Law. He holds Bachelor of Arts in International Commerce, and Bachelor of Business Administration from Seoul National University. He is on leave for study from his position as deputy director at the Ministry of Trade, Industry, and Energy (MOTIE) of the South Korean Government.

Prior to law school, Jae Won worked as the deputy director for U.S. affairs at the Americas Trade Division within MOTIE, overseeing the trade relationship between the Korea and the U.S. He participated in policy formation and implementation of various trade policies regarding industries such as semi-conductor, automobile, steel, IT, agriculture, energy. His job was to write policy memos for the Ministry and the Presidential Office, communicate with business executives, and coordinate and prepare high-level official trips to the US. Before MOTIE, Jae Won was an assistant director at the Investment and Business Incubation division within the Government of Seoul, where he worked on policies to create a start-up friendly environment in Seoul.

Jae Won is interested in International law, U.S. trade law, and especially emerging issues therein. He is a fan of state of the art IT technologies in AI. He enjoys music and swimming.