Student access to Canvas courses is limited to between the date when a course is published and the End Date. For all Law Center courses, the default End Date will be set to the day prior to the start of the following semester. In addition, the end date will coincide with an additional setting that will not allow access for students after that date. Please note that this policy may differ from other Georgetown schools or departments and that not all access and retention policies are the same.

How courses will work with end dates:


  • Courses in the affected term will no longer appear on the Canvas Dashboard by default. Students will no longer be able to access course materials, submit assignments or interact with students in that course.
  • Students should contact the faculty member who taught the course regarding access requests once the semester is over.


  • As long as faculty have access to Georgetown Canvas, they will be able to access their past courses and course materials.
  • Faculty will not be able to add new users to courses after the end date or communicate with enrolled individuals through that Canvas course site.
  • Faculty can change access to courses and open a course up should they choose to do so by restoring course access. Note that faculty cannot restore access for a single user. Restoring access will open the course to all formerly enrolled individuals.
  • Faculty should contact if they have questions about this policy or restoring student access to a course site.