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Business & Financial Regulation

Environmental Law

Feminism & Gender Studies

Health Law

Human Rights & Immigration

International & Comparative Law

International Economic Law

Litigation and Alternative Dispute Resolution

National Security Law

Tax Law


In addition, several of Georgetown’s renowned clinics focus on international issues.

The Center for Applied Legal Studies (CALS) represents refugees seeking political asylum in the United States due to threatened persecution in their home countries. Students in CALS assume primary responsibility for the representation of these refugees, whose requests for asylum already have been rejected by the U.S. government.

The International Women’s Human Rights Clinic (IWHRC) seeks to promote women’s human rights throughout the world. In the IWHRC clinical program, J.D. students work with United Nations organizations and nongovernmental organizations in Africa, Latin America and the Middle East. They conduct research for United Nations reports, test cases advancing women’s rights, and proposed national legislation to further those rights.

The Harrison Institute For Public Law works with legislators, administrators, and nonprofit associations from all around the country. The clinic develops policy proposals and analyzes the role of the non-profit sector and state/local government within the federal system. The Institute works on several projects including democracy and trade (helping state governments, environmental, and consumer organizations cope with the domestic-law impact of WTO agreements, NAFTA, and investment treaties.)