The National University of Singapore (NUS) has been recognized as one of the top twenty universities in the world and the second highest ranked university in Asia (according to a survey of the QS World University Rankings, 2015 conducted by The Times Higher Education Supplement).  The NUS Law School is located at the Bukit Timah Campus in the Republic of Singapore.

Singapore, an island nation close to Malaysia and Indonesia, is one of the most prosperous countries in the world. With a booming sea port, Singapore thrives in international and commercial trade. It has a GDP comparable to that of many Western European countries. As a former British colony, much of the population of Singapore speaks English in addition to Mandarin.

The island is a bustling metropolis and roughly three and a half times the size of Washington, DC. Georgetown students who choose to study at NUS will enjoy not only a superior academic experience but also the excitement of living in a thriving city in Southeast Asia. Almost all of the classes in this program are in English. Georgetown’s exchange agreement with NUS allows up to four Georgetown students to attend the law school for a semester. In 2023, NUS hosted three Georgetown students.