The University of Bern Faculty of Law is located in the capital of Switzerland, with approximately 1,700 full-time law students working towards their Bachelor’s and Master’s degrees in law, as well as other students pursuing post-graduate programs in law, including the LL.M. and Ph.D. The University is located in the center of Bern, very nearby the main train station, with a view over the nearby Alps, and has a large library and modern facilities in a combination of historical and modern buildings. Bern is a very livable city, with a UNESCO World Heritage protected old town dating back to the 13th century, Alpine skiing and hiking opportunities approximately one hour away by train in the Bernese Alps, and easy travel connections to cities throughout Europe.

The law school offers many courses in English and has put together a package of courses taught in English each fall, which will allow students from Georgetown Law to study, inter alia, International Intellectual Property, International Investment Law, European Data Protection Law, International Trade Regulation, International Courts, and Introduction to Swiss and International Taxation, all taught in English. Students with a strong knowledge of German, are also welcome to enroll in or to audit a broader range of law courses taught in German. Most of our faculty members and most of our students have a command of the English language, which makes socializing and networking easier.

Should students be interested in spending their 1L summer beforehand in Switzerland, they might want to consider applying for internships at many of the international organizations, companies, and financial institutions based in Switzerland. Georgetown’s agreement with the University of Bern allows up to five students to study in Bern during the fall semester. In 2023, the University of Bern hosted one Georgetown student.