The University of Amsterdam traces it’s history back to the Athenaeum Illustre, founded in Amsterdam in 1632 to educate students in Trade and Philosophy. The Athenaeum remained a small institution until the nineteenth century, with no more than 250 students and eight teachers. In 1877 the Athenaeum Illustre became the University of Amsterdam and was permitted to confer the highest educational degrees.

As a part of the University of Amsterdam, Amsterdam Law School is located in the very center of the Dutch capital. It is one of the largest faculties in the Netherlands, and it offers students a wide variety of courses with both a global and a European focus. The Law School is known for its interdisciplinary approach, collaborating with other law schools in the Netherlands and incorporating such fields as economics, psychology, sociology and even health care with the study of law.

Georgetown students selected to study at Amsterdam Law School have the opportunity to enroll in classes in one of the English language LLM programs that the school offers. Up to four students will be selected to attend Amsterdam Law school during the fall semester. In 2023, Amsterdam did not host a Georgetown student.